Laguna San Rafael Full Day

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A place that you can't miss!

Patagonia Green helps you to better organize your visit to this wonderful place:

At 8:00 am in Puerto Chacabuco boarding the Chaitén Catamaran, navigating west through the Aysén Fjord, then heading south through channels and the Río Témpanos, arriving around noon at Laguna San Rafael. You will get on Zodiac inflatable dinghies sailing among the icebergs to get as close as possible to the glacier. A fantastic opportunity to take photographs in a unique setting. Departing from Laguna San Rafael and arriving in Puerto Chacabuco at approximately 09:00 pm. All meals are included on board, open bar, live music and entertainment and a toast with whisky with thousands years old ice!

Total distance: 600 km approx.

Duration: 12 to 13 hours

Optional: round trip transfer from Patagonia Green to the catamaran, subject to availability

Departures Dates

Year 2016

January: 18-22-23-24-25-29-30-31

February: 01-05-06-07-08-12-13-14-15-19-20-21-22-26-27

March: 04-05-07-11-12-14-18-19-21-25-26

April: 30 01-02-08-09-11-15-16-22-23-29-

May: 06-07-13-14-20-21-27-28

Enero: 18-22-23-24-25-29-30-31


Marzo: 04-05-07-11-12-14-18-19-21-25-26

Abril: 01-02-08-09-11-15-16-22-23-29- 30

Mayo: 06-07-13-14-20-21-27-28

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Laguna San Rafael National Park

The Laguna San Rafael National Park covers an area of 17,420 km2 (6,726 sq miles) and in 1979 it was declared by UNESCO a World Biosphere Reserve. The park includes the whole of the Northern Ice Field (4,200 km²) where several glaciers originate, among others the San Quintín, San Valentín, Leones and San Rafael. The San Rafael Glacier with a total length of 45 kilometres, and an advancing front two kilometres wide and a height between 50 to 70 metres over the sea level, it goes right into the lagoon of the same name. The melting of the glacier’s base causes the falling of massive ice blocks which are to be found floating on the waters of Laguna San Rafael.

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¿Which clothes do I wear?

It is highly recommended to bring clothing that will protect you from the cold, the rain and the wind. It is also possible to find a very sunny day therefore it is recommended to bring sun shades and a good high protection sun block cream.

Other activities and places to visit

There are many wonderful places to know and various activities on offer: the Queulat Hanging Glacier, Park Aiken del Sur, Cerro Castillo, navigation in the Fiord Aysén, hot springs among others.

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