Chapel and Caverns of Marble

Nature at its best!

At 8:15 am Take the Carretera Austral Sur towards the picturesque Villa Cerro Castillo. During the trip there is the possibility of spotting huemules and condors that inhabit this part of the region. A stop is made at the viewpoint of the Cuesta el Diablo which shows a wide view of the Ibáñez River valley and the imposing Cerro Castillo.

The route continues south along Laguna Verde, Bosque Muerto and Laguna Cofré. The Carretera Austral continues along the Murta River to Puerto Tranquilo, a picturesque town where the entertaining excursion to the impressive Nature Sanctuary "Capillas de Mármol" will take place, rock formations as a result of the erosion of the wind and the strength of General Carrera Lake. There are chapels, cathedrals and caves in different sectors where the colors of these formations contrast with the green and blue waters of Lake General Carrera.

The excursion to the Marble Chapels lasts approximately 1 hour and a half. The tour ends with a picnic lunch and then return to Puerto Aysen.

Distance traveled: 600 kilometers approx., Round trip.

Duration: full day

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